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Developer Preview

If you're lucky you'll be granted access to the s&box developer preview. Here's some stuff you should know.

We want a steady trickle of users rather than a huge user dump. This will allow us to deal with issues at a nice pace instead of turning this into work.

  • You need to own Garry's Mod
  • The queue is ordered by Garry's Mod workshop contributions
  • Subscriptions and views count towards your workshop score
  • Workshop content created after Jul 20 2021 isn't counted
  • Access is limited
  • A new key is given out on average every 30 minutes
  • s&box will show in your Steam library and you'll be able to log in here


This is a development preview. We're fixing the source engine - so some things might not work how you expect them to. For example, when mapping entity names and properties have changed. Let us know what you're confused by, what functionality is missing - help the community by contributing to the wiki.
  • The game isn't finished
  • The game isn't Garry's Mod
  • There will be bugs
  • Nothing is final
  • Your access can be revoked for any reason