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Frequently Asked Questions

When will it be released?

We're not in a rush (obviously). I think we'll know when it's ready to be released and it's probably best not to speculate.

How much will it cost?

We don't know. We haven't decided yet.

Are you using workshop?

No. We're trying to try to make a system where you don't have to install addons. This is what is. In the same way you don't have to install videos from YouTube, you just download what you need.

How can I get access to the developer preview?

Right now there are two ways. We're slowly dripfeeding access via the Developer Preview Torture Service - which requires you to own Garry's Mod on you steam account, and to have a high threshold for dissapointment.

We also have a megathread on the forums that you can post in if you want to be considered for access. Facepunch staff regularly browse the thread and give access to the best and brightest.

Can I sell my addons? Can I sell my games?

One of our biggest failings in Garry's Mod was not allowing the community to fund itself. People made a living out of selling Garry's Mod addons but it was a lot harder than it should have been.

This is something I really want to address in s&box. I don't totally know how that looks right now. There's a few different choices..

  • Allow games to have microtransactions - turns into a shit show fast
  • Allow unlocking/buying games - puts players off playing if they have to pay for
  • Allow tips/donations - might work if done right
  • Split a percentage of sales to top played games/addons/maps every month - might work if done right
  • Allow selling games standalone on Steam - attractive, maybe hard work, need Valve's permission

Why not Unity? Why not UE?

We're part of a community that is kind of sentimental about the Source engine. Source2 has a beautiful renderer and brings the engine up to date with tools like ModelDoc and Animgraph.

It would have been cheaper and easier to do this all on Unity or UE, but we would have loved it much less.

Stupid Sausage Headed Idiot Player Models

Yeah we get it, you either love them or hate them. We love them. But don't worry - there are other player models - we're shipping some with the game.

So not every game is going to have these guys. What they do offer to a game developer is a shortcut. Don't care about player models - just use the user selected clothes. Making a cooking game and need to dress the player models? Use the chef outfit. Making an army game? Use the soldier outfit.