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November 2021
This month we worked on tools, post processing, vr, water, destruction and a bunch of other stuff.
October 2021
Lobbies, tools and shaders this month!
September 2021
Lots of Tools and Networking improvements stuff this month
August 2021
Lots of VR stuff this month, but as usual we did lots of other stuff too
July 2021
This month we had an influx of new users and content, so had to make room for it. And a bunch of other stuff.
June 2021
This month saw major level ups in UI, AI and player animations!
May 2021
Community requests, lots of refactoring and a bit of experimentation this month.
April 2021
We gave out a dev preview and spent the whole month cleaning up the mess.
March 2021
The headliners this month are prediction and addon downloading, but we did a ton of stuff.